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This site is fully dedicated to roleplays, as well as roleplayers of all kinds, aiming towards bringing in all those roleplays you've yet to find a site dedicated to. From animals to gods, romance and horror, whatever you're looking for in a roleplay, you're bound to find here, and if you don't? Just make your own! Whether you request a live-chat area for it, or a topic in the forums, you are free to make roleplay on this site your own.

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Dear past members,

       As you may notice, nearly all the pages are gone. This is due to the decision of splitting the site between Weebly and Webs, in response to Webs refusing to cooperate with my vision of what the site should look like. So, the main part of the site is now found at epicocrp.weebly.com and this will be used as a branch of the site to continue on the use of proper forums, organized updates, and keeping track of members! No boxes or information will be deleted, and this site will remain where it is. I have simply moved mostly everything to the Weebly site. 

       As a plus, I now have freedom to create more pages, which means that there will be many more live chat boxes for roleplaying in.

I hope you all will support this change and bare with me as I make the changes.

Thank you all,

Krystal Sky